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Does this sound familiar? Yes, Medium. That's the reason I'm not writing on Medium. I don't like them. Yes, why the hell I have to pay FIVE dollars to read, those called, "Member-only" stories on Medium? I've seen you change logos two times, and I'm not a member now? Thanks.

You could buy an iPhone X only for two hundreds of those 5 dollars.

I want my scientific stories with lots and lots of claps FFFFFF. Means F*ing For Free For F*s Fake (Sake? Maybe), in case you haven't heard that (Might be because I made it up right now)

What's wrong with you?

Let me start this way. What would you do if you didn't have a starting post for your blog? Can you even understand my feelings? 😢

When I have had dozens of ideas last week. The moment I finished building the blog, I have no idea what should I write about. 😿

Ah, Medium? I like it

I was joking about Medium (We all knew, boooring). I was going to pay the $5 today, finally. But, didn't! Why would I give myself another way of procrastinating? I don't mean they're not valuable, but, not more than my long-awaited, unfinished Kindle books. (Long-await'ed? Async? But this supposed to be a non-programming post 🤭)

I'd rather to finish one of them first. Plus, they don't put me in an endless loop of "Recommended" articles.

Anything else? Oh, Instagram!

Now that we're talking shit, let me mention this, too. Today I uninstalled Instagram after I realized it only makes me less happy. Why the hell though? It can probably be a post, too. At least it'd be better than this one.

You can follow me on Instagram, cause I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon 🤪 Haven't decided on IGTV yet, though.

So, here we go, I promise I'll be writing real posts here. Like, those "Essays" Paul Graham and Guillermo Rauch wrote.

Oh my god, that sounds terrifying 😨, I'll just write "more normal" bite-sized posts 😋

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post! I'm living on Twitter. Oh, and my direct message is open, too. Follow me or feel free to reach out via DM!

— Written by Mo!  

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